Thanks for your interest in ImLost.ie. The idea for our Tag-Me Pet Tags came after seeing many lost pet posts on social media. Most had microchips that weren't registered or tags with numbers that no longer worked. So what happens if your pet goes missing? Most people don't know how to update the information stored on their pets microchip and if the number on the tag is wrong, once they are missing there is nothing you can do to change it! 

This is where Tag-Me Pet Tags comes in. Once you purchase a tag you register for free on ImLost.ie and set up your pet profile. You need to enter your phone number and email address. All other information is optional. Link it to the code on your pet tag and your Tag-Me Pet Tag is now linked to your pets online profile. 

So what happens if my pet goes missing? You can easily update your pets online profile while they are missing. Give as much information as you need, including vet details, medical information and additional contacts. 


More information coming soon.